Highlighting... The Tartan Blanket Company

Highlighting... The Tartan Blanket Company

One of our favourite brands at the moment is The Tartan Blanket Company. They bring a modern approach to one of Scotland's favourite products: the tartan blanket. They retain the natural and fully sustainable makeup of the traditional blanket but giving it a new contemporary style - perfect for injecting warmth and cosiness into people and their homes. 

We have three ranges available across our shop and online store. 

Tartan Blanket

1. Tartan Blankets

These large blankets, currently on sale in the shop, are made from 70% recycled wool and blended with mixed fibres saved from landfill...
and they're machine washable!! 


Tartan Baby blanket

2. The Little TBCo. Baby Blankets

These are so warm and snuggly - the perfect addition to any cot or pram. Made of lambswool - the highest quality sheep's wool - these gorgeous blankets keep little ones warm when they're cool and cool when they're warm. Along with being naturally insulating, breathable and hypoallergenic textile, it's beautifully soft. A thoughtful, useful and stylish gift for new parents and their babies. 


3. Super Soft Scarves

Send your bestie a beautifully soft woollen hug! Hemmed with a traditional fringe, the Tartan Blanket Co. scarves are naturally breathable, insulating, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, odour resistant, recycable, biodegradable, sustainable... not to mention über stylish! Keep warm this winter with a super soft scarf! Currently only available in the shop.

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