Help your friends and family juggle their work/life balance

Help your friends and family juggle their work/life balance

Do you know someone who is always juggling work, home, or even just life in general? Are they constantly sorting out schedules for the various members of their families? 

Well, we have a fabulous selection of journals, notebooks and notepads to help them keep on top of just about everything!  

Here's our top 5 picks to help get everything together: 

1. The Nest Planner | Pregnancy Journal
Like a kind and knowledgeable best friend, The Nest Planner will calmly guide expectant mums through the extraordinary experience of preparing for their new baby. It can be picked up and put in to use at 8 weeks or 8 months pregnant and everything in between! Part reference book and part journal, this unique planner is packed full of advice and inspiration for mums-to-be and newborns alike.


2. Awesome Ends In Me | Gratitude Journal for Kids

The perfect journal to help kids (aged 5-12) get the most out of practicing gratitude, but also bursting with fun activities to help build resilience, boost happiness, focus on what is important, stay calm when facing challenges, build a positive attitude, improve mental fitness and enhance well-being.


3. Moan and Move On Notepad

Is your shoulder constantly being leaned on? Everyone needs a good rant... but it's not always good to let the world hear. Introducing the Moan and Move On notepad - brilliant for those times where your pals need to get it all out. Let them release that tension by scribbling it down.


4. Weekly Planner | The Positive Planner

the perfect aid for the busy people in your life. This weekly planner for their desk will bring some beautiful positivity and organisation to their whole year! There's also a handy a to-do list on the side, so they'll never lose track of what they want to get done. 

Oh, and the bright and colourful design matches the Positive Affirmation Cards from the same range. 



5. Cook, Eat, Share, Keep | Food Journal

The perfect gift for the foodies in your life. This food journal has pockets, stickers and pages for all your favourite recipes, meal plans and restaurant reviews. 


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