Make First Foods Fun

Make First Foods Fun

We have curated some practical and genius inventions for the first steps in baby-led weaning as well as some funky children's tableware to help make eating times with toddlers less stressful and much more fun. 

Eco-Conscious Baby-Led Weaning

We have recently added the Green Island brand to our collection of Children's Tableware. Boasting stylish and high-quality Bowl & Spoon sets with genius suction pads that prevent our lovely little people from flinging their bowls full of food onto the floor! So practical... but also can help people begin to make a switch to a more plastic-free life.

Available in Blue and Mulberry

Fun-Filled Meal Times

The best way to make every meal time an adventure is with the awesome range from the American brand, Constructive Eating. 

The tableware comes in three ranges: Dinosaurs, Construction and Garden Fairies and each range includes a placemat, portioned plate and set of three utensils - a fork, a spoon and a pusher. 

The Dino Range

Budding palaeontologists can share their dinner with their favourite dinosaurs - be it a triceratops or a stegosaurus. 

The Construction Range

With the Fork Lift Fork, Digger Spoon and Bull Dozer Pusher food can be built up and crashed down by wannabe Bob the Builders!

The Garden Fairy Range

The magic of fairies can be brought to the table where little ones can rake through their spaghetti, shovel tonnes of heavy cereal, or hoe through messy rice. 

All three ranges also have the easy option of buying a complete set: placemat, plate and utensils, ensuring your shopping experience with us is super quick and easy. 

All products above, with the exception of individual placemats, qualify for our free postage option within the Uk. We can even gift wrap and add a wee message if you would like us to send your parcel for you. 

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