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Christmas Duck in Soap - Yellow

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Our Assorted Christmas Ducks toy in a soap makes body and hand washing a fun festivity and it’s perfect as a seasonal gift or thank you!

With lots of Christmas costumes to choose from the one you receive will be a surprise! They are cute as a button characters and one to bring out year after year !

Our Christmas Ducks are floating in pure white soap, rich in vegetable glycerin, with a fresh, cool and exciting minty fragrance – perfect for that chilly time of year!

Did you know about Glycerin? It’s a humectant … meaning it it helps the skin hold onto moisture, how brilliant is that?

Our soaps are 100% cruelty free, 100% vegan and use the best ingredients.

Our Toy in Soap packaging pod is made from post consumer recycled plastic that is widely recyclable in your kerbside recycling bin!