Paint your Own Squishies Kit - Sweet Cat

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【WHAT ARE SLOW RISE SQUISHIES】Squishies are toys whose main draw is not just bright colors and fun characters, but squeezability. Slow rise means that once squeezed they take a longer time to return to their original form. *The kits are plain squishes for painting. 【WHAT IS IN THE BOX】This slow rise squishy painting kit has all you need to paint your own adorable large cat squishy and mini ice cream squishy keychain, 12 color paint pots and 2 paintbrushes, cute face stickers and plastic sprinkles, color palette and instruction card. 【HOW TO PLAY IT】Design, paint, and have fun! Create beautiful squishies effortlessly, the painting is fun, the final result is satisfying. *Wait for at least 4 hours or the paint is totally dry to play.