Pip gets a Job Hardback Childrens Story Book

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Traditional childrens bedtime hard back story book – 2-5 years - Woodland tales - Pip Gets A Job from The Adventures of Sherb & Pip.This enchanting story follows Pip the Mouse as desperately tries to find a job in the sweet shop where he lives called 'Not Before Tea’. But what job can a little mouse do?This tale is a great example to show children that not everyone is at good everything, we are all different, you just have to find your passion, your ‘thing’.Beautifully illustrated by british childrens illustrator, Becky Down. Pip gets a Job is a traditional bedtime story, which is a delight to read.• Printed in England • Beautifully illustrated• Hardback bound• A keepsake for years to comeIt is this big: 36 pages