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Black Orchid Gifts

String Art Craft Mega Activity Set Makes 4 Canvas Boards

Transform String And Pins Into Art! Start with string, pins, paper, and aboard and end with adorable art. Discover a whole new world of string art, from colorful rainbows to fashionable flowers. Learn just three techniques - Scribble, Fan, and Zigzag - to make 4 distinctive and beautiful art pieces. Use whatever background paper and string colors you like to give your string art a style that's all your own. This DIY room décor string art kit is perfect for encouraging your kids to use their imagination and creativity. This string art kit can keep kids engaged for hours. They’ll be proud of the beautiful pieces of art created by them, which they can use to decorate their room or cherish as a keepsake. Kids will learn different techniques and get unique ideas on how to create their own style board. They will start with foam board, backgrounds, and then use their own designs to decorate using stickers, flowers, threads, sequins, etc.

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